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Fibrous Dysplasia- a case report

Dr Biplob Kumar Halder, Prof. Dr. Shahidul Islam, Dr. Jan Mohammad, Dr. Umme Iffat Siddiqua, Dr. Sohel Abdullah

A 43years old gentleman, an executive of an Airline Office came to United Hospital orthopedic department with history of pain in left hip joint. Patient was normotensive and non-diabetic. He was then sent to the Radiology & Imaging Department for MRI of pelvis. On STIR images subtle hyperintensity was noted in left iliac bone and along the left acetabular margin. Then he was asked to do a CT scan of pelvis which showed expansile irregular lytic and sclerotic lesion in left iliac bone and along the left acetabular margin. However the joint space and adjacent soft tissues were unremarkable. Then our provisional diagnosis w...


Role of Diagnostic Laparoscopy in Abdominal Trauma

Prof Dr Anisur Rahman

Penetrating and blunt injury of the abdomen are common surgical admission in the emergency department.  Most of these patients are poly trauma victims with multiple injuries involving several anatomical areas. Abdominal injury can be immediate life threatening due to bleeding and hypotension. Ultra sonogram and CT scan may point to the extent of blood loss and/or injury to solid organs. But at times the source of bleeding can be difficult to ascertain from CT scan.

Diagnostic Laparoscopy is a useful tool to determine the extent of injury and to detect the source of bleeding.  Since minor injury to liver or spleen at times may be treated conservatively, Diagnostic Laparoscopy is an important step in avoiding a Laparotomy. This spares th...


Undescended Testis

Dr M Zahid Hasan

Many a times we get patients of different ages with one testis in scrotum and the other one in inguinal canal or inside abdomen. Recently one young man, a soon-to-be bridegroom, came to me with only one testis in his scrotum, for correction of his anomaly. Common questions in this regards are:

Where is the other testis?

Can we bring it down into scrotum if remain inside?

Will it produce sperm or can he be father?

Can he be able to perform sex?

Can he develop testis cancer if it remains inside?

What if he does nothing and proceeds for marriage since there will be future attempt for having children?

As we are aware that testis develops inside abdomen of the unborn fetus along with Kidneys and ...


Treatment of Segmental Fracture Shaft of Femur

Dr Aminul Hassan, Dr Masum Billah

Segmental fractures of long bones are prone to non union or delayed union because of devascularization of the segmental fragment at the time of injury (usually high velocity injury) or during internal fixation (due to soft tissue injury). Usually in this kind of fracture both the endosteal and periosteal blood supplies are interrupted during injury or surgical procedure. Most of these fractures need primary bone graft or bone graft later on. So it is advisable to try to preserve the blood supply of the segmental fracture during internal fixation. 

A 43 years old gen...


Silent CPR: A concept at United Hospital Emergency

Dr Abdullah Al Farook

One afternoon, a patient came to United Hospital Emergency with cardiac arrest. The receiving nurse shouted for help and started chest compression. The “Silent CPR” team arrived and started their designated tasks. The team leader’s voice was the only voice heard during CPR. The ACLS protocol was well coordinated since everyone knew what to do next. Within a short period of time the code blue team arrived and the patient was well managed and there was ROSC (return of spontaneous circulation). After the initial stabilization the patient was sent to Coronary Care Unit. The way the above case was managed is called “Silent CPR” and is designed to manage a patient in emergency situation until the full “code blue” team c...