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Best Cardiac / Heart Surgeons in Dhaka

Best Cardiac/ Heart Surgeons in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The department of cardiac surgery functions with a core team of best cardiac/ heart surgeons, interventional cardiologists, electrophysiologists in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They are further supported by a team of the best clinical cardiologists, cardiac anesthesiologists, interventional radiologists, cardiac intensivists and rehabilitation therapists.

Who are the best cardiac/heart surgeons in Dhaka, Bangladesh?

At United Hospital, we have some of the top heart surgeons in Dhaka, Bangladesh who can provide best surgical and interventional treatments for a wide range of cardiac diseases. The expertise of our cardiac/ heart surgeons extends to surgery for Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting, Aneurysms & Pulmonary Embolisms, Aortic & Mitral Valve replacements, as well as Atrial & Ventricular septal defects. We have carved a niche in addressing Complex Valve Repair surgeries too. The success rate of our heart surgeons is among the highest in the country comparable with the best healthcare institutions anywhere in the world.

List of Cardiac Surgeries

A list of cardiac surgeries done by our Cardiac Surgery Department which are supervised by Dr. Jahangir Kabir along with Dr. Sayedur Rahman Khan and Dr. Rezaul Hassan is outlined below:

CARDIAC SURGERY: Open Heart Surgery & Others

  •     CABG (OFF PUMP)
  •     CABG ( ON PUMP)
  •     CABG (REDO)
  •     CABG with SAVE procedure
  •     SAVE procedure & RV Repair
  •     ASD
  •     AVR
  •     MVR (Mitral Valve Replacement)
  •     DVR
  •     ICR
  •     VSD
  •     CABG with MVR
  •     CABG with AVR
  •     Excision of Sub-Aortic Member
  •     CABG with DVR
  •     CABG with ASD
  •     CABG with VSR
  •     CABG with ICR
  •     Aorto Plasty
  •     CABG (off pump) with OMC
  •     CABG with LA Myxoma (Left Atrial Myxoma/Tumor of the heart )
  •     CABG with MVR & VSD
  •     AVR with repair of RSOV
  •     MV repair
  •     MVR with Tricuspid Annuloplasty
  •     MV repair with mitral ring Annuloplasty
  •     CABG with MV repair
  •     CABG with Urethrocystoscopy /TURP
  •     ASD with MVR
  •     VSD with ASD
  •     AVR with VSD
  •     Pulmonary Valvotomy
  •     EXCISION of RA Myxoma (Right Atrial Tumor of the heart )
  •     EXCISION of LA Myxoma (Left Atrial Tumor of the heart )
  •     Surgical Correction
  •     BDG
  •     OMC
  •     TAPVC
  •     Re-Do BT Shunt with ICR
  •     CABG with OIU (Optimal Internal Urethrotomy)
  •     Exploration of cardiac temponent followed by PTMC
  •     SHUMAKER with ASD
  •     Exploration of complex congenital heart disease
  •     Embolectomy Exploration
  •     CABG with Carotid End Arterioctomy
  •     Ruptured Sinus of Valsalva
  •     Re-construction of intra-aortic septum
  •     Repair Aortic Aneurism
  •     DCRV
  •     Lateral Thoracotomy of PA banding
  •     Repair of rupture RV
  •     Repair of rupture LV
  •     Thromboembolectomy of LT Iliac artery
  •     Re-do MVR
  •     Aortic Valve Repair
  •     Re-do AVR
  •     ASD & De - vega tricuspid annuloplasty
  •     MVR with De-Vega repair of TV reduction LA plasty
  •     CABG with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

CARDIAC SURGERY: Close Heart Surgery

  •     PDA Ligation
  •     PA Banding
  •     Pericardial Effusion
  •     PPM
  •     BT Shunt (Blalock–Taussig Shunt)
  •     BDG
  •     CMC
  •     Lt. Radial Nephrectomy with Thrombectomy  

Pediatric (<19 years)

  •     ASD
  •     VSD
  •     ASO
  •     VSD with ASD
  •     VSD with AVR
  •     VSD with PDA Ligation
  •     ASO with VSD/AP window
  •     BDG
  •     FONTAN
  •     ASD with PDA
  •     ICR
  •     Senning Procedure (Atrial Switch Operation –ASO)
  •     Repair of RSOV & closure of VSD
  •     Resection of RVOT Bands


Secondary Closure

  •     Wound Debridement
  •     Bronchial Pneumonectomy
  •     Laparatomy
  •     Expiration of pericardial fluid
  •     Thromboembolectomy


The Department provides consultation services in (OPD 4) 1st floor through highly qualified and experienced Consultants from Saturday to Thursday 9.00 am to 8.00 pm.