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Oncology (Medical, Surgical, Radiation)

Best Cancer Hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh consists of one of the best oncologists in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Modern, hectic lifestyle has led to a stark rise in the number of cancer patients, which further puts an emphasis on quality cancer treatment and specialized Cancer Hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Amongst the cancer hospitals in Dhaka, United Hospital Cancer Care Centre is listed as one of the best cancer hospital in Bangladesh. Along with this If you are looking for an integrated and comprehensive cancer hospital in Dhaka that provides all diagnosis and treatments of cancer under one roof then the Cancer Care Centre of United Hospital, Dhaka is the right choice for you.

United Hospital Cancer Care Center is renowned as one of the best cancer hospitals in Dhaka, which houses all the modern medical equipment and medications to help patients fight cancer regardless of its stage of progression.

Cancer Care Center has all the facilities for superior cancer hospital in Dhaka. It offers early diagnostic measures, high-quality treatment, the best oncologists in Dhaka, Bangladesh and all the other things that a modern and advanced cancer institute requires.

The centre is run by the best oncologists in Dhaka, Bangladesh including the most high-profile, experienced, well-trained, highly skilled dynamic group of homegrown and overseas physicians. Consultants, specialists and duty doctors with a full team of nurses and other care givers are fully committed to providing extensive, advanced, highly specialized medical treatment, support and care which is befitting of our hospital.

The unit is divided into two parts – Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology.   


The Department of Medical Oncology is an integral part of our comprehensive Cancer Care Centre. Medical Oncology is treatment of cancer primarily with drugs and without surgical intervention. It deals with:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Targeted Therapies

A dedicated team of experienced and foreign trained medical oncologists, oncology nursing staff and pharmacy staff are involved in the up-to-date guideline-wise management of cancer patients.

Both solid and hematological malignancies are treated here. We have a standard, fully equipped 10-bedded day-care facility and a large indoor facility for a wide range of treatments for patients requiring chemotherapy and conservative medical management. 


The Department of Radiation Oncology at our comprehensive Cancer Care Centre provides technologically advanced cancer care, utilizing the most sophisticated radiation delivery systems including Bangladesh's only RapidArc Treatment Unit with capacity to deliver accurate, precise, quality assured radiation therapy while simultaneously minimizing treatment related sequelae well beyond the capabilities of erstwhile treatment methods.

Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic radiation therapy (SRT):

Modernisation in radiation treatment has been brought on by Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic radiation therapy (SRT). The new version of the linear accelerator can provide a previously 30-day treatment in just 5 days. With the linear accelerator's true beam version, a highly advanced four-dimensional CT scanner machine is required. It is used to record the patient's respiration and through the help of the computer, the radiation oncologist and medical physicist team deduce a high-quality treatment plan which gets completed in the treatment planning computer.

Afterwards, that treatment is applied by a radiation technologist. Therefore it can be seen that this treatment is continuing like a chain and there can be no cracks on the way.

SBRT mainly used to focus on the lungs and liver but now it can be applied to the prostate as well. But the problem is that this type of treatment is only applicable for the early stages of cancer. For example, treatment is possible if the size of the disease in the lungs is a maximum of 4 cm, better if the tumour is in the periphery of the lungs and it is not possible to treat if it has spread throughout the lungs. In case of the liver, the largest size of the tumour can be realistically 6 cm. In case of patients for whom other treatments like targeted therapy did not work, this SBRT treatment has shown great success in liver cancer.

SRT and SRS have been widely used for brain cancer treatment. The same condition is applicable here as well, the size of the tumour has to be small, and it has to be away from the brain stem which is the main part of the brain.

In SBRT treatment high-energy X-rays from true beam linear accelerator are used which is 5 times stronger than a normal linear accelerator X-ray beam. Through SRS treatment method the whole treatment can be completed in a day. It is extremely important for cancer to be at an early stage but Bangladeshi patients get to apprehend cancer at a later stage.

Medical Cyclotron and PET CT

On the basement floor of the United Hospital, one will find many highly specialized state-of-the-art medical equipment where the Nuclear Medicine and Radiation (radiotherapy) wings are located. United Hospital Cancer Care Centre is entirely devoted to provide cancer patients with the most effective range of innovative cancer diagnosis and treatment available. It is the first vanguard hospital playing pioneering role in reshaping the cancer care of Bangladesh as it introduced back in 2011 the first PET-CT scanner and Medical Cyclotron to produce FDG (Fludeoxyglucose), the radioactive isotope which is used in PET-CT scan to detect the presence, spread, recurrence and treatment progress of cancer.

PET-CT is nuclear imaging technology which requires the administration of a PET radiopharmaceutical. The most commonly used PET radiopharmaceutical is the F-18 FDG (Fludeoxyglucose) which is a cyclotron-produced isotope with a half-life of 110 minutes. Before 2011, at that time, there were no medical cyclotrons available in Bangladesh. So in order to provide PET examinations for patients, a medical cyclotron and hot lab were needed to produce PET radiopharmaceuticals.

With a great contribution from the team who has put in an enormous effort to make the PET-CT service available for the first time in Bangladesh, working around the difficulties and problems, the PET-CT service was successfully established in 2011 for the use of patients. The team includes physicians, physicists, technicians, nurses, engineers, chemists, and management staff. They worked continuously to improve the quality of services and the quality of processes to keep up with international standards. By developing necessary skill and acquiring important knowledge about PET-CT and Medical Cyclotron produced radiopharmaceuticals (FDG), United Hospital not only has saved country's foreign currency as countrymen can avail world class cancer diagnostic facility without the need to go abroad; further it has over the years shared its valuable knowledge with a wide group of professionals in medical circles

Treatment Technology offered includes:

1. Package for Planning

  • Tumor Board & Patient Counseling Planning
  • CT Simulation
  • PET for Radiation Planning
  • PET based RapidArc /IGRT/IMRT
  • Contouring


TPS Planning

  • Planning for 2D Conventional Therapy
  • Planning for 3D Conformal Therapy (Head & Neck)
  • Planning for 3D Conformal Therapy (Pelvis/Breast/Brain)
  • Planning for IMRT
  • Planning for RapidArc (IGRT with IMAT)
  • Planning for Respiratory Gating with IMRT


Immobilization/VAC LOC

  • Immobilization Material – Large
  • Immobilization Material - Medium
  • Immobilization Material – Small

2. Implementation Phase

  • Quality Assurance for Radiation Therapy
  • Plan Implementation for Conventional / 3DCRT /IMRT

Plan Implementation

  • Plan Implementation for IGRT / RapidArc
  • Electronic Portal Imaging for Verification

Radiotherapy Treatment

  • 2D Conventional (Radiation Therapy)
  • 3D CRT (Radiation Therapy)
  • 3D CRT on Truebeam (Radiation Therapy)
  • IMRT on Clinac (Radiation Therapy)
  • IMRT on Truebeam (Radiation Therapy)
  • IMRT on Truebeam with FFF (Radiation Therapy)
  • RapidArc on Clinac (Radiation Therapy)
  • RapidArc on Truebeam (Radiation Therapy)
  • RapidArc on Truebeam with FFF (Radiation Therapy)
  • Electron Breast (Radiation Therapy)
  • Electron Head/Neck (Radiation Therapy)
  • Weekly clinical review during Radiation Therapy
  • Concurrent Chemotherapy (up to 4 times)
  • Concurrent Chemotherapy (more than 4 times)

3. Brachytherapy

  • Vaginal Cylinder
  • Intracavitary Application
  • High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy

Coupled with the best radiation delivery technology in the country, United Hospital employs the best trained personnel widely experienced with formal training in handling the most modern radiation delivery technology, including a team of overseas physicists and technologists previously employed at premier Oncology Centers in India like Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai, Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow & Christian Medical College, Vellore.