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Oncology (Medical, Surgical, Radiation)

United Hospital’s Oncology Unit/Cancer Care Centre is run by the most high-profile, dynamic group of physicians. Consultants, specialists and duty doctors with a full team of nurses and other care givers are fully committed to providing extensive, advanced, highly specialized medical treatment, support and care which is befitting of our hospital.

The unit is divided into two parts – Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology.   


The Department of Medical Oncology is an integral part of our comprehensive Cancer Care Centre. Medical Oncology is treatment of cancer primarily with drugs and without surgical intervention. It deals with:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Targeted Therapies

A dedicated team of experienced and foreign trained medical oncologists, oncology nursing staff and pharmacy staff are involved in the up-to-date National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guideline-wise management of cancer patients.

Both solid and hematological malignancies are treated here. We have a standard, fully equipped 10-bedded day-care facility and a large indoor facility for a wide range of treatments for patients requiring chemotherapy and conservative medical management. 


The Department of Radiation Oncology at our comprehensive Cancer Care Centre provides technologically advanced cancer care, utilizing the most sophisticated radiation delivery systems including Bangladesh's only RapidArc Treatment Unit with capacity to deliver accurate, precise, quality assured radiation therapy while  simultaneously minimizing treatment related sequelae well beyond the capabilities of erstwhile treatment methods.

Treatment Technology offered includes:

1. Package For Planning

  •  Tumor Board & Patient Counseling Planning
  • CT Simulation
  • PET for Radiation Planning
  • PET based RapidArc /IGRT/IMRT
  • Contouring


TPS Planning

  • Planning for 2D Conventional Therapy
  • Planning for 3D Conformal Therapy (Head & Neck)
  • Planning for 3D Conformal Therapy (Pelvis/Breast/Brain)
  • Planning for IMRT
  • Planning for RapidArc (IGRT with IMAT)
  • Planning for Respiratory Gating with IMRT


Immobilization/VAC LOC

  • Immobilization Material – Large
  • Immobilization Material - Medium
  • Immobilization Material – Small


2. Implementation Phase

  • Quality Assurance for Radiation Therapy
  • Plan Implementation for Conventional / 3DCRT /IMRT


Plan Implementation

  • Plan Implementation for IGRT / RapidArc
  • Electronic Portal Imaging for Verification


Radiotherapy Treatment

  • 2D Conventional (Radiation Therapy)
  • 3D CRT (Radiation Therapy)
  • 3D CRT on Truebeam (Radiation Therapy)
  • IMRT on Clinac (Radiation Therapy)
  • IMRT on Truebeam (Radiation Therapy)
  • IMRT on Truebeam with FFF (Radiation Therapy)
  • RapidArc on Clinac (Radiation Therapy)
  • RapidArc on Truebeam (Radiation Therapy)
  • RapidArc on Truebeam with FFF (Radiation Therapy)
  • Electron Breast (Radiation Therapy)
  • Electron Head/Neck (Radiation Therapy)
  • Weekly clinical review during Radiation Therapy
  • Concurrent Chemotherapy (up to 4 times)
  • Concurrent Chemotherapy (more than 4 times)


3. Brachytherapy

  • Vaginal Cylinder
  • Intracavitary Application
  • High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy

Coupled with the best radiation delivery technology in the country, United Hospital employs the best trained personnel widely experienced with formal training in handling the most modern radiation delivery technology, including a team of overseas physicists and technologists previously employed at premier Oncology Centers in India like Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai, Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow & Christian Medical College, Vellore.