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United Hospital Limited

Here in United hospital, over the last years with a vision to provide comprehensive one-stop healthcare solution, a dedicated caregiver team of doctors, nurses and all other staff together are delivering the Message of Hope to the patients. With state-of-art technology and expertise combined with passion and empathy, we treat our patients with utmost care, considering their lives as very precious and very delicate. We strive everyday to be the top healthcare provider, not only in Bangladesh and within the Asia-Pasific region but also in our patient’s mind and heart. 


I am a Doctor. When I treat patients to alleviate their sufferings, I not only apply my best knowledge and skill, I do it with compassion and empathy.


As a Nurse, I know most of patients I have served over the years don’t remember me; but I do know that I touched a life and I gave a little piece of myself to each of them.


When our patients stay with us, my job is to make sure that the meals I prepare for them are hygienic and nutritious; so that they get the right food quality to assist their healing.


My work involves using high-tech medical equipments; I remain very focused to provide accurate data for patients which will assist the doctors in taking the right decision.


In the Laboratory we know how crucial Lab Test results are for Doctors to make diagnoses and plan treatment for their patients; so I give utmost attention to accuracy.


As a Dietitian, I recommend nutritionally sound food choices to speed the recovery process of patients, prevent disease and advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


As a Physiotherapist, I work closely with patients concentrating on helping them to heal and overcome physical constraints and to achieve their personal goals.

Ambulance Team

We are a Rapid Response Team attending patients with emergency or life-threatening conditions; providing 24 hours a day & 7days a week service, driven by urgency and commitment.

Customer Relation

I understand the anxiety and worries of the patients; as a Customer Relation person I try my best to assist them when they need to see a doctor, undertake investigations or being helpful in any way.


I am a hospital Pharmacist. I dispense the right medicine to the patients explaining the right dose to the patient and also answer to any query that they might have about medicine.


Being a Cleaner, I give my best to make sure that patients have a clean and infection-free environment in which they can recuperate safely.


As a Housekeeping staff, it is my job to provide patients  all day-to-day amenities to make their stay comfortable and keeping their rooms neat, tidy and clean.


I used to be afraid of Hospitals but then I found United Hospital where I was treated as a person and not just as any other patient; I now know the importance of  a friendly hospital when we need medical care.

Haemodialysis Unit

In the Haemodialysis unit, we work closely with patients who are receiving dialysis treatment, Watch over them, report on any changes in these patients to doctors and keep the dialysis station clean.   

Patient Care Attendant

As a Patient Care attendant, I have seen how vulnerable  patients are when they come to the hospital. I always attend to patients with such compassion as if they are my family members in distress

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