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Haemodialysis is a process of purifying the blood of a person whose kidneys are not working normally; this dialysis removes waste products such as creatinine, urea and free water from the blood when the kidneys are in a state of failure.

Comprehensive renal replacement therapy options are available at United Hospital for patients with chronic kidney failure - more than 100 dialysis sessions per day.

Our Dialysis Unit housed with specialists and skilled nurses provide patients with comprehensive care.  

  • 48 Haemodialysis machines in-house
  • 24-hour emergency dialysis services
  • 3 CRRT ( Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy) dialysis machines
  • 4 SLEDD (Sustained Low-Efficiency Daily Diafiltration) machines – for slow dialysis at slower rate for critically ill patients
  • Pre-emptive kidney transplantation evaluation
  • Educational programs for dialysis patients and their families 

For Haemodialysis, why United Hospital should be chosen?

United Hospital Haemodialysis facility is available for 24 hours. Here, routine Haemodialysis is conducted in a dialysis outpatient facility, which is a purpose built dedicated area of the hospital. For those who are admitted, in-patient dialysis facility is also available at bed side. Dialysis treatments in United Hospital are initiated and managed by specially trained and skilled doctors, nurses and technicians.

1)    Haemodialysis is a complicated procedure and requires that care givers have more knowledge; this is not found in most of the Dialysis centers of the city. United Hospital Dialysis United is under 24/7 coverage by skilled and trained doctors; qualified and trained nurses for 24 hours

2)    Haemodialysis requires high quality water for blood purification, United Hospital has international standard water treatment facility through regularly maintained RO (reverse osmosis) plant

3)    Haemodialysis requires uninterrupted electricity support; United Hospital through its own power generating plant maintains non-stop non-fluctuating power supply

4)    In United Hospital, each and every patient has dialysis with a onetime dialyzer, that ,means the filter used for purification of blood is for one patient one time.

6)    Since Haemodialysis patients come with many complications, if any of them face sudden emergency during dialysis like cardiac arrest etc, United Hospital Dialysis Unit has defibrillator machine ready at hand to revive them; and patient can be shifted to critical care units if required

7)    Haemodialysis patients need to have some blood tests at an interval; the 24/7 Laboratory at next door to United Hospital Dialysis Unit provides hassle-free convenience for the patients, so the patients can have their blood reports delivered to them soon after dialysis

8)    Stringent infection control is essential for Haemodialysis, as any infection might get serious and lead to sepsis. United Hospital maintains strict infection control policy and protocols