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A young female presented with shortness of breath

Dr. Shafiqul A&E

A 20-years female normotensive nondiabetic healing from comilla presented in A&E department with SOB for 1 month, severe for 1 day. She was alright 2 years back, then she developed localized swelling and itching which was gradually involve her whole body,   for that she was repeatedly consult with physician and was treated with antihistamin and some other drugs which was white in colour but the name could not mention though her symptom did  not resolve completely. 

But for the last 1 month she developed SOB, multiple joints pain, low grade intermittent fever, rash over whole body, oral ulcer and sudden developed hearing loss for 3 days. SOB was initially mild then gradually become severe for 1 day. SOB was associated with dry c...


A Patient with Headache Develops Dark Urine.

Dr Nazmul Kabir Qureshi, Dr Syeda Fahmida Hossain, Dr Fazlul Haque, Dr Afsana Begum, Dr Md Iqbal Hossain, Dr Pradip Ranjan Saha.
Department of Medicine, United Hospital Limited.

A 50-year-old male was admitted to medicine department of United Hospital on August 15, 2013 with the complaints of feverish feeling, headache and fatigue for 4 days.

Routine blood tests including MP, dengue NS1 antigen were done, the only positive finding was low platelet count (98x10^3). Two days later, he became afebrile, but his headache and weakness became much troublesome. He had just returned from Nigeria where he had suffered from malaria 10 times and was treated with quinine. Clinical examination revealed: BP 100/70 mmHg, congested conjuctiva, jaundice, flushed skin,...


A comparative efficacy analysis of 3D conformal RT in pelvic malignancy

A comparative efficacy analysis of 3D-conformal RT, fixed-field IMRT and RapidArc in treatment of pelvic malignancy treated with elective nodal irradiation-A United Hospital Experience.

M. Anisuzzaman Bhuiyan, Md. Faruk Hossain, Dr. Asim Kumar Sengupta, Dr. Rashid Un Nabi, Dr. Ferdous Shahriar Sayed, Prof. Dr. Santanu Chaudhuri.

Aims and Objectives
The purpose of this study is to compare the dosimetric characteristics of 3D-conformal radiotherapy (3D-CRT), fixed-field intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and RapidArc for pelvic region treated with nodal irradiation. 

Method and Materials:
In this study 35 patients with Carcinoma Cervix were included.  All patients were simulated in supine position...


A Common Disease with Uncommon Association-A case of fatal acute pancreatitis with hyperparathyroidism

Presented By Dr. Shakila Parveen,Junior Consultant, Radiology and Imaging, United Hospital

A 51 year old lady, was admitted into GHDU of United Hospital through ER on 5th March, 2013 with the c/o severe abdominal pain and vomiting  several times for 1 day and constipation for 2 days. Her history of past illness was significant for hypertension and diabetes.
On admission, the patient was dehydrated and drowsy, pulse- 80/m, BP- 80/60 mm of Hg. On per abdominal examination, she had moderate tenderness over right hypochondriac and epigastric region, bowel sound was sluggish and shifting dullness was positive. She was diagnosed to have Acute Pancreatitis with DM and HTN. In GHDU, treatment started empirically with I/V Meropenem and all antihypertensiv...


A case report on Cysticercosis

Dr. S. S. Ahmed, Dr. Shuvamay Chowdhury
A boy of 12 years hailing from Bogra, Bangladesh was admitted in united hospital with altered level of consciousness for last two months. Initially the boy developed complaints of headache, fever, chest pain and cough three months back for which he was treated locally as a case of right sided parapneumonic effusion with multiple courses of different antibiotics.

Later he was shifted   to a hospital at Dhaka for further evaluation. During this period he developed abnormal aggressive behavior with irrelevant talking and two episodes of convulsion for which he was evaluated with MRI brain at that hospital which showed small ring enhancing lesions.

Within two weeks he neurologically deteriorated more and t...