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Traumatic Intracerebral Haematoma

Dr S S Ahmed, Dr Shuvamay Chowdhury, Dr Saurav Chowdhury


Md Ahiyan, a 17 months old toddler was admitted in the Neurosurgery Department of United Hospital 5 hours after falling from a height of 8 feet. After the impact, for half an hour, he was unconscious. He vomited 3 times but there was no convulsion. Initially he was taken to a Pediatrician who advised CT scan of brain. The CT scan revealed Extradural Hemorrhage (EDH) & Intracranial Hemorrhage (ICH) with midline shifting. On admission the boy was pale, neurological examination revealed his GCS was 9/15 (E2V2M5), pupils were 3 mm an...


A Case of Left Main Complex Coronary Artery Angioplasty

Dr Kaisar Nasrullah Khan, Dr Mujibur Rahman, Dr Samsun Nahar, Dr Rajib Dhar

A 47 year old gentleman was admitted to the United Hospital with the complaints of central chest pain on mild exertion for 7 days. As he had a medical history of hypertension and dyslipidemia, he decided to undergo cardiac screening on his own.  

His resting ECG showed a sinus rhythm at 62 bpm and Echocardiography revealed no regional wall motion abnormality with normal LVEF-65%. During the treadmill test patient complained of chest pain and ECG showed ST elevation in aVR and ST depression in all other leads and in stage II that was strongly positive. He was then advised for urgent CAG (Coronary Angiography) which showed TVD (Triple Vessel Disease) with severe left main disease. His...


Knee Micro-Fracture Surgery

Dr A H M Rezaul Haque

Nasima  Akter,  a  40 year old lady complained of pain in the left knee for six months due to a fall.  She consulted with an orthopaedic doctor & did all kinds of relevant investigations but did not get any relief. We examined her & saw her reports but could not correlate clinical findings with the investigation. So, we advised her for arthroscopy and during arthroscopy found cartilage injury and exposed subchondral  bone.  Her ligaments and meniscus were intact. Hence, we performed micro-fracture. After two months she got relief from pain.

Micro-fracture surgery is an articular cartilage repair surgical technique that works by creating tiny fractures in the underlying bone. This causes new cartilage to deve...


Missed Diagnosis of Meckel’s Diverticulum as a Cause of Recurrent Intestinal Obstruction Over 8 Years – Case Report

Prof Dr Anisur Rahman

Post operative intestinal obstruction is a known complication which can occur starting from immediate post operative period to many years later.  But early intestinal obstruction due to a missed pathology during the initial surgery is not very common. Here we present such an uncommon case of post operative intestinal obstruction.

Patient, a 38 year old male, had open appendicectomy in 2006 in a district hospital. Since then he had recurrent attacks of intestinal obstruction for which he was admitted in different hospitals at home and abroad. During his last admission in hospital abroad, he was advised surgery. He preferred to return home to have the surgery.

At Diagnostic Laparoscopy dense adhesions were seen in the region of appe...


Case Report: Post Dengue Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS)

Dr Afsana Begum, Dr Safia Binte Rabbani

Dengue, an acute viral disease transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, is highly endemic in many tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Various types of neurological manifestations are described in dengue fever, of which peripheral neuropathy or GBS is rarely reported. This is the second case of post-dengue GBS reported from United Hospital in Bangladesh.

A 56-year-old South Korean man presented with fever, body ache, headache and skin rash for 2 days. There was no history suggestive of mucocutaneous bleeding. On clinical examination, patient was dehydrated; having generalized maculopapular rash more marked in face and trunk, his temperature was 99.4ºF. Investigations showed hemoglobin of 15.2 g/dl, total leukocytes count 2...