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Collaboration of Cardiac Surgery & Urology treating A Patient of Renal Cell Carcinoma with Inferior Vena Cava Infiltration

Dr Rezaul Hassan, Dr M Zahid Hasan

A 48 year old hypertensive female presented with a 2 month history of generalized weakness, loss of appetite, weight loss and abdominal discomfort. On physical examination the patient was anaemic, icteric with mild tachycardia. Her laboratory examination revealed anemia, elevated level of serum bilirubin and liver enzymes (ALT, AST, Alkaline Phosphatase), raised serum LDH, features of coagulopathy (raised APTT, INR, FDP, D-dimer). Abdominal ultrasonography (USG) showed right renal mass, dilated inferior vena cava (IVC) with echogenic thrombus in right renal vein and IVC extending up to the heart. ...


Placenta Accreta-A Growing Concern in Recent Obstetric Practice

Placenta Accreta--A Growing Concern in Recent Obstetric Practice

Dr Nusrat Zaman, Dr Afsari Ahmad

Image result for placenta accreta + picturePlacenta accreta is a severe complication and is currently the most common indication for peripartum hysterectomy. Placenta accreta occurs when the chorionic villi invade the myometrium abnormally. It is divided into three grades based on histopathology; placenta accreta where the chorionic villi are in contact with the myometrium, placenta increta where the chorionic villi invade the myometrium, and placenta percreta where the chorionic villi penetrate the ute...


Massive or Giant Vesical Calculus is A Rare Entity: A Case Report

Prof Dr Abdul Awal, Dr Shihab Arefin Chowdhury

Massive or giant vesical calculus is a rare entity in the recent urological practice and these have been shihab.jpgfound to grow to enormous proportions with minimal or no symptoms. Males are affected more than the females. Vesical calculi are usually secondary to bladder outlet obstruction. These patients present with recurrent urinary tract infection, haematuria or with retention of urine. Two such stones were removed from the urinary bladder of a 50 year old Bangladeshi male who came to the Accident & Emergency department of United Hospital with profuse haematuria...


Limb Salvage – A Beneficial Alternative to Amputation


Brig Gen Prof Dr M A Mannan, Dr Masum Billah

The limb salvage has advanced since the time of the Civil War, when nearly all severely traumatized limbs were amputated. The primary goal of limb salvage is to restore limp1.jpgand maintain stability & ambulation. The decision to salvage the critically injured limb is multifactorial and should be individualized along with definitive indications. Limb salvage is more cost-effective than amputations in the long run, so early detection and management is beneficial for the patients. A 39 year old Chinese male patient was admitted in United Hospital through Accident & Emerge...


Tarlov (perineural) Cyst: A case report

Dr Syed Sayed Ahmed, Dr Al Imran, Dr Sourav Chowdhury

A 30 year old lady presented to the Emergency department with a history of sudden, severe low back pain and numbness in both lower limbs. She was unable to walk due to the severity of the pain. There was no history of trauma, loss of consciousness, convulsion, headache or any bowel bladder involvement. She was normotensive and nondiabetic. On neurological examination her muscle power in upper limbs was intact but was significantly reduced in the lower limbs. Her Hoffman's sign was negative and there was loss of sensation in both the lower limbs. All the reflexes and tone were ...