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Dietetics and Nutrition Department

What is a Balanced Diet?
A balanced diet is a diet containing adequate energy and all essential nutrients that cannot be synthesized in sufficient quantities by the body, in amounts adequate for growth, energy needs, nitrogen equilibrium, repair and maintenance of normal health.

Nutritional Health Screening Package

Health Assessment & Fitness Package

Our Services

A team of dedicated and committed dieticians ensuring individual attention. Our services include nutrition assessment, planning and prescription, following counseling for different diseased conditions, including:

  • Cardiac Nutrition therapy
  • Cancer nutritional status assessment, dietary management after chemotherapy, radiation and surgery
  • Nutritional care before and after dialysis
  • Nutritional assessment of patients who are on enteral feeding
  • Nutritional plan for Partial Parental nutrition (PPN) and Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
  • Special therapeutic diets planned for diabetic patients
  • Special therapeutic diets planned for hypertension and other diseased conditions
  • Hepatic Diet (Diet plan for patients with Jaundice, Cirrhosis, Hepatic
  • Carcinoma etc.)
  • Malnution
  • Pediatric diet according to age and physiological condition
  • Diet for children and adolescent diseases
  • Diet for patients suffering from allergies
  • Diet for inborn metabolic disorders
  • Low Purine Diet
  • Balanced Diet for pregnant and lactating mother & gestational diabetics    
  • Sodium restricted diet plan often used in treating hypertension, edema, heart, kidney and liver diseases
  • Diet plan for hyperthyrodism and hypothyrodism
  • Diet plan for gastroenteritis
  • Diet plan for PEG (pencutameoms emdoscopic gastrostomy) tube feeding
  • Weight Reducing Diet
  • Weight Improving Diet