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Dr. Nubayra Tasneem

MBBS, DDV, MCPS, Fellowship in aesthetic dermatology (India, Germany), Msc in sexology and psychosexual counselling (India, USA)


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Dr. Nubayra Tasneem commenced her medical journey by earning an MBBS degree, laying the foundation for her career in healthcare. She completed her internee program at Combined Military Hospital, Dhaka.

Following her graduation, she took on the role of an honorary medical officer, gaining post-graduation training (PGT) in the discipline of dermatology and venereology from Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College and Hospital for one year.

Her passion for dermatology and venereology led her to pursue the prestigious DDV (Diploma in Dermatology and Venereology) qualification, a specialized program that delves deep into the intricacies of dermatological and venereal care. Dr. Nubayra Tasneem's dedication to this field was evident in her outstanding performance during this rigorous two-year course.

Building on her DDV accomplishments, Dr. Nubayra Tasneem achieved another significant milestone in her dermatology and venereology career by obtaining the MCPS (Member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons) qualification. What sets her apart is the remarkable fact that she accomplished this prestigious certification on her very first attempt, becoming the youngest member of BCPS in the subject of dermatology and venereology. This achievement underscores her exceptional competence and knowledge in the specialized domain of dermatology and venereology.

Further enriching her expertise, Dr. Nubayra Tasneem pursued a fellowship in aesthetic dermatology and venereology from ILAMED in Delhi, India, in collaboration with University of Greifswald, Germany. This intensive program provided her with advanced insights and skills in the art of enhancing aesthetic beauty through dermatological techniques.

She also completed a certificate course in aesthetic dermatology and venereology from Dhaka Dermatology Institute with excellence to increase her knowledge of aesthetic procedures.

In addition to her dermatological and venereological qualifications, Dr. Nubayra Tasneem expanded her knowledge horizon by completing a one-year MSc program in sexology and psychosexual counseling from Pune, India, in collaboration with the USA. Her dedication to this specialized field equips her with a unique perspective, allowing her to address the sexual and psychosexual well-being of patients.

She attended numerous national and international conferences and seminars to stay updated about the newest medicines, technologies, and aesthetic procedures. Dr. Nubayra Tasneem is also an executive member of multiple national and international dermatology and venereology organizations.

Dr. Nubayra Tasneem's diverse qualifications and experiences, from MBBS to her advanced degrees and international fellowships, make her a well-rounded and highly skilled professional in the realm of dermatology and venereology and related specialties. We are pleased to announce that she recently joined United Medical College and Hospital, Shatarkul, and now United Hospital Limited on 3rd September 2023.