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Screening at doorstep: A smart step for your health

The prospect of spending hours in a queue at the diagnostic lab or the hospital deters many or at least prompts them to defer stepping out for diagnostic tests. For many people, the idea of spending hours in a lab or hospital may sound demotivating. Many people also avoid going for preventive screenings and lab tests as they dread battling city traffic. In certain cases, travel-related stress can increase the risk of infection and delay recovery. At COVID times, many also don't want to visit labs to avoid spread or contamination.

Elderly patients who face problems in travelling and prefer the tests to be conducted in the comfort of their home or patients with morbidity who cannot move or go to the lab to perform a test or when it is not feasible for them to travel to the lab, prefer to get the blood sample collection at home. Doorstep sample collection facility reduces the anxiety and it is less stressful for the patient as visiting the lab. Moreover there are people who are immunocompromised, people suffering from diseases like cancer which cause less immunity in their body; these people are very vulnerable and any disease can get easily transmitted to their body. Due to such conditions, it is always good for them to have the facility of blood collection from home, especially when people do seek for such facility from a trusted centre, a lab which they can rely on.

United Hospital doesn't believe in compromising on health simply due to such deterrents as it is of the firm belief that health is of apex priority. Appreciating the importance of health tests and understanding the need for making diagnostic services user-friendly, to ensure that high-quality health care becomes more accessible to the community, United Hospital has extended its services to Home Sample Collection, all across Dhaka city from Motijheel to Uttara. As the name suggests, Home Sample Collection is a service wherein phlebotomist representatives of United Hospital will collect samples to provide diagnostic services at customer's doorstep. The hospital has a network of phlebotomists and an easy call facility whereupon receiving a call, trained phlebotomist will arrive at the doorstep of the patient to collect samples to ensure patients get the best of services within the comfort of their own homes. Home sample collection is especially beneficial to the elderly, chronically ill patients, patients recovering post-surgery and bedridden. With home sample collection, one can get tests done timely and have a better track of health. This service helps to provide a fuller, healthier life.  

Amidst the labs providing doorstep sample collection services, one should trust an institution, which consistently serves customers with quality care at any given point of time. Hygiene should be maintained during blood collection, even the needle for pricking should be in a sterile condition. Sometimes the patient can face vasovagal shock at the time of blood extraction if it is not performed by a skilled or experienced phlebotomist. Anatomical disposal can be another problem as it has a method. Above all, there can be a behavioral issue which is not at all a point to let go. United Hospital's skilled and expert home sample collection team keeps in mind all these aspects, maintains all the necessary hygiene protocol and treat the patients empathetically to give out the best to deliver a pleasant & comfortable experience to the patients. Along with advanced machines at its lab with guaranteed test accuracy and on-time delivery of the reports, the goal is always to put the best foot forward.

Living with a condition like kidney disease or diabetes can be difficult. But there's an easy way to chart a course for better health and possibly avoid such diseases, i.e. preventive health screenings. Health professionals advice preventive screenings to patients to assess their fitness level and reduce risk for diseases. "Making sure you are up to date on preventive services is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy", says Dr Mahboob Rahman Khan, Consultant Family Medicine of United Hospital. There are many preventive health screening tests all adults should be getting regularly. Catering to those requirements, United Hospital has included five important health screening test packages which are bundled at a discounted price, being offered at doorstep. These include Active Care Package for male and female to measure their general fitness level which might again point to any underlying condition; specific condition directed packages like Renal Care Package and Sugar Package for those with kidney disease or diabetes or whoever are susceptible to these; also Well Women Package for health assessment of young females. In the long run, it is more cost effective to take steps doing screening tests to prevent disease than get diagnosed later for sickness and pay more for treatments.

With the application of leading-edge technology, United Hospital pathology laboratory provides rapid turnaround time and superior quality care. United Hospital lab being the first ISO certified lab of the country, its testing processes, methods and technology are consistent with best practices in the world. Its quality and standardization programs follow high levels of testing proficiency and standardization. To get the best of healthcare from the comfort of home, just reaching out by simply giving a call, one can save the effort of going to a clinic or lab to get tests done by opting for United Hospital home sample collection. 


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