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Covid-19 Home Isolation Services with care kits for remote monitoring

Some coronavirus positive cases may be asymptomatic while a few may experience mild to moderate, or even severe symptoms. As per the latest studies, about 80% of Covid-19 patients experience mild or no symptoms. This implies that a majority of the positive patients can recover at home under remote medical monitoring and care.

Close to half of city dwellers of the country, mostly in the capital, are having to remain isolated at home during this pandemic for either being Covid-19 positive or Covid suspect. As per the protocol, after a patient receives the Covid-19 test result from a diagnostic lab, doctors suggest home isolation if there are no or mild symptoms. 

Home isolation is the best way to cure until patients show critical signs. Such patients can opt for a Covid-19 homecare package introduced by United Hospital. 

"The idea started as a way to help Covid-19 patients who may have trouble obtaining essential items like basic medicines & safety gear while they remain in home isolation," says Dr Mahboob Rahman Khan, a consultant of family medicine at United Hospital. 

"The idea was very well received as we decided to extend this program to patients in home isolation, who tested positive for Covid-19," he continued.

This package provides 14 day dedicated care by medical professionals, which includes medical advice and psychological support, monitoring of vital parameters and timely diet & rehab support for a quick recovery. During these 14 days, patients are monitored by video consultation every day by doctors with nutritionist consultation, stress counseling by psycho-social counselor and also with rehab physician providing tele-rehabilitation with breathing exercise. Some patients have anxiety issues while in home isolation and many of them report breathlessness due to anxiety issues. United's rehab doctors ask specific questions and everyday queries are addressed in this package in video consultation, so that patients do not panic. 

"This package helps us stay connected with our patients and monitor their daily health. It also lets us keep a closer eye on them and identify any changes in their condition that require additional care," says Dr Khan. 

"And that helps them focus on what matters most -- recovering."

This package further includes Covid Home Care Kit, delivered at the doorstep which contains basic medicine and safety gear. Devices like digital thermometer to check daily temperature and pulse oximeter to check pulse rate & oxygen saturation are provided in this Home Care Kit as a part of the package. It also contains masks, gloves, sanitisers, disinfectant solutions, facial tissue boxes, disposable crockery and waste disposal bags. The package ends with doorstep sample collection of patient for Covid test on the 14th day. 

"Receiving a Covid-19 diagnosis can be a time of fear and uncertainty, delivering care packages to our patients' homes is just one small way for us to show them that we care and we're here for them," says Dr Mahboob Khan. 

Other than the pre-scheduled consultations, if the patient requires further medical attention or hospitalisation, then those can also be arranged as well. Patients within this package will further get priority ambulance support for hospitalisation, if required. 

Receiving a Covid-19 diagnosis can be a frightening experience; after a person is diagnosed with Covid, they are advised to stay home and stay separate from family members in isolation, for 14 days. To help such patients recover from the virus, this Covid home care package of United Hospital is designed to help those self-treating at home and lift their spirits, too.


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